We have plans to suit organizations of all shapes and sizes.

0 USD/mo per user for life29 USD/mo per user29 USD/mo per userCall sales
The self-service route for individuals is a great way to get started.The premium route for individuals who want more.The self-service route for smaller teams gets you started in minutes.The premium route for organizations that want hard-core data.
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Only by invitation
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unlimited (but max 1/company) unlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Free training on basic levels
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Free training on basic levelsFree training on ALL levelsLevel 1-3
Individual metricsIndividual metricsTeam metricsCross-team metrics
Self-branded option, for 10+ usersSelf-branded option
Account management for 10+ users Account management
Live on-boarding workshop, for a month’s feeLive on-boarding workshop


Help your B2B clients build their P2P community powered by you on our platform. Design a great peer to peer coaching community under your own brand and sell it. We share the revenue.

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