Scaling resources for the future of health

Creating and maintating good health is ever more demanding.

With our Peer Coaching platform, actors in the health industry can improve their outcome by tapping into the resources of their customers and patients.

Maximize your effect

With a peer to peer coaching community, you can increase your patients’ adherence to and outcome from medical advice, and their quality of life – with no extra involvement from your staff.

“If more information was the answer, then we would all be billionaires with perfect abs.”

– Derek Sivers

Developed for over 70 years in more than 90 countries

A number of health companies are interested in using our peer to peer coaching platform to get their peer to peer coaching communities started.

Lundoch Diagnostics can determine with 80% certainty if you will develop diabetes type 2 in four years or not. They sell screening and prevention programs. We are designing a peer to peer coaching add-on to support the lifestyle changes their customers need to make.

Peer-to-Peer Community for Diabetes

& Other Lifestyle Related Diseases

We provide truly scalable, proven methods that help individuals make the lifestyle changes their diseases or conditions require. Here are words from diabetics using peer to peer coaching.

“Emotional Fitness Peer-to-Peer coaching has helped me understand my diabetes better by giving me a place to reflect on everything from lifestyle choices to negative thoughts and patterns”

Dan Gunnarsson

“I have often thought that a person needs to have insight into or be medically knowledgeable about diabetes in order to talk to me as a diabetic, but with this peer to peer coaching, I have realized that what I often need is just someone listening.”

Portrait of smiling woman against pink background

Ann-Charlotte Rehn
Diabetes Type 1

Support Your Patients Better By Multiplying Your Touchpoints

Effortlessly increase the frequency of your patients’ or members’ contact with your program.

With our platform your patients or customers get access to each other for structured, psychologically safe and empowering peer-to-peer coaching – which enhances and speeds up the benefits of your program.

Peer networks are consistent

Consistent emotional and social support to adopt and sustain self-care behaviours aid the management of diabetes, lower the risk of complications, and enhance the quality of life. (Cherrington et al., Diabetes Care, 2018)

Peer coaching engages

Most people with diabetes are not actively engaged by their healthcare professionals to take control of their condition; education and psychosocial care are often unavailable. (DAWN 2)

Peers are viable

WHO: “Peer support is a viable, cost-effective, and adaptable strategy for bettering diabetes treatment and results.”


Addressing diabetes-related psychosocial problems emotional and social factors would help overcome the psychological barriers, associated with adherence and self-care for diabetes. (Kalra et al., “Emotional and Psychological Needs of People with Diabetes”, 2018

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