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Bring community and
coaching to your workplace

Make coaching for everyone your newest employee benefit.

93% of employers want coaching for all employees

… if money or resources were not part of the consideration*

With our peer-2-peer platform, coaching for everyone becomes feasible and affordable.
And you get to keep the coaching competency in-house.

* Randstad RiseSmart, Worklife Coaching Report 2022

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What our users say

Everyone has some hiccup and and this is a wonderful tool to get help and get past them and learn and evolve, so thank you.

Tove Nilstun
Founder & CEO, Emission Twins

I am normally someone who likes to deal with my challenges by myself. But now, I have opened up and started to talk with a lot more people

Max van der Mars
Co-owner Pieter Pot | Founder Skosh

The greatest value for me lies in connecting with other leaders on a deeper level.

Daniel Persson
Co-founder, CEO, Pr Progress Öresund

Build a more resilient organization

Emotional Fitness improves employee and manager well-being by providing a coaching & supportive work community. Your employees improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and develop more mindfulness and greater listening skills.

Give employees free access to our app and full content library

Emotional Fitness offers accessible, effective content to meet the needs of your diverse workforce. Access our ever-growing content library from any device, any time.

See The World’s Quickest Coach Training (4 min) for free

Partner with Emotional Fitness to drive best-in-class engagement

With our strong builtin community building features, plus launch strategy, ongoing engagement programs and account support, we take the stress out of employee benefits.

Unlock robust analytics and insights about your population

You’ll get access to detailed engagement reporting to help understand usage and drive towards your long-term goals.

Effects of Peer-2-Peer Coaching**


lower staff turnover


report significant increase
in work fulfillment


of matches develop meaningful relationships

** “The ROI of Peer Coaching”, Imperative, 2022

How Emotional Fitness builds loyalty & productivity

Emotional Fitness offers a host of resources to increase employee satisfaction, productivity and loyalty.

Everyday Coaching Skills

Your employees learn and practive listening and coaching skills as part of their everyday work. – not apart from their work. Image: Screen with thumbnails of Masterclasses on coaching skills

Learn In The Business

Learn about topics like creativity, peak performance, and mental training with unlimited access to virtual masterclasses, led by experts in the field.

Increase Knowledge Implementation

Increase the retention of new knowledge by adding peer-to-peer coaching to any of your existing learning & development investments.

Leadership 360

With peer-coaching your managers can use the feedback they get from your leadership assessments to develop their leadership.

Group Coaching

Our experienced peer-coaching instructors guide your employees to coach each other on user-requested topics like “Achieving Goals”, “Relieving Anxiety”, “Agile Work”.

& Answers

Our experts answers questions regarding coaching as well as mental and emotional well-being in text chat and in weekly live Q&A webinars.

Life Topics

The peer-coaching topics cover every aspect of a life, also the private. Often, the problems at work originate in or get aggravated by issues in the private life.

Ready to learn more?