Peer to Peer Coaching Teams to join

Some of our organizational clients run peer coaching teams that are open to others. Some paid, others for free.

Kichisaga Leadership and Listeners without Borders are founding partners of Emotional Fitness Peer to Peer Coaching Platform. The experiences from their work have been instrumental in the creation of our Peer to Peer Coaching Platform. They run some of their activities onto our platform – and you are welcome to reach out to them to join.

Kichisaga Leadership are Sweden-based leadership consultants that specializes in making managers and employees with privileges (like white, middle-class, men) understand how they contribute to discrimination of people from other groups without wanting to and without being aware of it.

They are considered a premium provider of lectures and processes for leadership & inclusion in the workplace.
Listeners without Borders is a Sweden-based non-profit organization that promotes human rights by supporting people through and peer to peer coaching to stand up for others and for themselves. LwB has been supporting and building peer coaching projects around the world.

Their work is funded by donors like you, as well as private and governmental project funders.
Kichisaga runs the following peer coaching teams:LwB runs the following peer coaching teams:
Managers & Entrepreneurs
Diversity & Inclusion
Leadership & Gender (to be started)
Gender Timer (to be started)

People with Diabetes
Support For Refugees & People In War – donate money and time to help people who really need it
Student Listening Groups – students supporting each other to cope and perform
Afghan Activists
Kenyan Activists
Reach out to Kichisaga by
+46-708 85 91 71
Reach out to Listeners without Borders by