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Developed for over 70 years in more than 90 countries and trusted by

Dan Gunnarsson, graphical designer

“At first, I thought ‘Just listening, what can that do for anyone’. Now, that I’ve done peer-coaching for a while, I see that ‘just listening’ can be very powerful.”

Anonymous deputy CEO

“Peer-coaching will let us develop and keep the coaching competence in-house.”

Fredrik Eklöf, founder & CEO

“Peer-coaching has, over the last 25+ years, helped me take on, stick with and succeed with challenges that most others just stay away from.”

Quick and easy implementation

The mutual coaching and support is what makes Emotional Fitness Peer Coaching so powerful. You develop yourself just as much when you coach somebody else as when you get coached.

Professional & personal development

Meet all the emotional and mental challenges of modern life with tools from our ever-growing academy – and with support from your growing network of peer-coaches.

Accelerate team performance

Emotional Fitness peer-to-peer coaching is designed to get your whole organization working together for a strong community.

Unlock robust analytics and insights about your population

You’ll get access to detailed engagement reporting to help understand usage and drive towards your long-term goals.

What community do you want to make more meaningful and supportive?

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How Emotional Fitness builds
community & support

Emotional Fitness offers a host of resources to increase users’ sense of community and support.

Coaching Skills 

Learn about topics like creativity, peak performance, and mental training with unlimited access to a growing library of virtual masterclasses, led by experts.

Everyday Learning

Bite-sized training makes it possible to learn and implement listening and coaching skills as part of their everyday life – not separate from it.

Increase Knowledge Implementation

Increase the implementation and retention of new knowledge by adding peer-to-peer coaching to any of your existing learning & development investments.

Life Topics

Employees that know that their employer cares for their whole life puzzle get more engaged and loyal. Emotional Fitness offers peer-coaching on the most important life topics.

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