Workplace Goals and Values

Compass Connect

Establish objectives, track their advancement, and engage in periodic self-assessmnt with a responsible companion. Utilize Compass Connect to provide your company with a data-driven en approach to oal achievement, fostering a coaching mindset within your teams. This approach yields numerous benefits.

Alignment of individual andorganizational objectives:

Alignment of individual and organizational objectives:
  • Enhances overall productivity and strategic focus.
Employee Engagement and Retention:
  • Shows dedication to staff growth.
  • Boosts job satisfaction and loyalty
Enhancing Performance:
  • Offers structured assistance in attaining work-related objectives.
  • Promotes a mindset of continuous improvement.
Cost-effective development:
  • Utilizes internal resources for long-term employee development.
Quantifiable Return on Investment:
  • Offers precise metrics for evaluating the program’s effectiveness
  • Illustrates tangible advantages of investing in employee development.


Goals for development

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Measuring progress power

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Following the program You receive coaching and listening tools that you can utilize independently, both in your professional and personal endeavors. Feel free to subscribe to further enhance your growth, both in your career and as a coach.


Compass Connection

Goals and Values Workshop – Week 1
  • Connect the company’s objectives and principles to your personal work-related goals.
  • Goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.
  • Guidance on coaching and being coached by a colleague
  • Frequently asked questions and objections
  • Brief peer-coaching session on implementing the company’s goals and values effectively in one’s work.
  • Assess progress
Peer Coaching sessions will take place in weeks 2, 6, 10, and 14.

  • One monthly peer coaching session
  • Each session requires three participants to have an observer present, ensuring the session can proceed even if one participant is absent due to illness.
  • Scheduled simultaneously for the entire company.
    • To foster teamwork and prioritize tasks.
  • Concise guidance and resources are given prior to every peer coaching session.
  • Goal tracking at the onset of every session.
  • Insights and actions are shared at the conclusion of each session.
  • Session notes

Week 16 Progress and Learning Workshop

  • Celebrate achievements and effects
  • Business and Personal Roadmap
For those interested (optional)

  • Additional coaching resources for convenient training at your convenience.
  • Conducted group coaching on various subjects.


Compass Connection

  • Aligning company objectives with individual work-related goals.
  • Explore personal values and align them with organizational values.

Program Summary

Week 1: Inception
  • Introduction to the program’s objectives and framework.
  • How the company’s goals and values can become more relevant to your work.
  • Engaging in peer coaching.
Week 2: Goal Coaching
  • Peer coaching for aligning personal goals with company goals.
Week 6: Core Value
  • Explore and incorporate the initial core value of the company.
  • Guidance on the application of this value in your daily work.
Week 10: Second Value
  • Thorough examination of the other company’s worth.
  • Peer coaching on implementing values challenges and successes.
Week 14: Third Value
  • Review the third corporate value.
  • Reflect on the program’s impact and potential application.
Week 16: Progress and Learning Workshop
  • Celebrate achievements and contributions. Share knowledge. Develop strategies for organizations and staff.
  • Programs, sessions, and materials are digitally delivered to each participant through an application, web interface (without requiring a download), and email. No administrative action is needed from your end.
Further characteristics
  • Optional access to Emotional Fitness Peer Coaching training and group sessions on various topics for interested participants.

Other managers and contractors

Being a coach and a coachee is remarkably problem-free and accessible. This accessibility underscores the true power of coaching, as it is a resource that everyone can benefit from.
Tove Nilstun
Co-founder and CEO of Emission Twin
Highly insightful. I grew significantly more at ease with silence and enhanced my personal growth in opening up.
Max van der Mars
Pieter Pot Co-owner | Founder Skosh
Before each peer coaching session, I often question the value of being listened to for about ten minutes. Yet, after every session, I am consistently amazed by its rewarding nature.
Mick Cordero
Co-founder and MD, less studio